XNUO INTERNATIONAL GROUP HOLDING COMPANY (hereinafter called XNUO GROUP) is a multinational high-tech company that formed by IT elites from Silicon Valley in the United States and a team with Princeton University medical research and development background, which is a leading medical and health company, and it's business scope mainly involves two major sections of smart medical products and medical information industry.
XNUO GROUP represents the integration of top medical technology and top IT technology.There are many former employees of Apple, Google,General Medical,and Roche Pharmaceuticals in their elite team. The group's philosophy is to use non-pharmaceutical methods to solve 90% of health problems, and to use medical and IT technology to predict more than 90% of health problems. they are committed to the research of such subjects,and there are three product research and development laboratories in Seattle, New Jersey, and Los Angeles,which can provide users with top technology and cool products. Therefore, it has been dubbed by the industry as the Apple of health care.
In 2015, the XNUO Group entered China, established the Asia-Pacific region operation center, and established manufacturing bases in Shenzhen and Changsha respectively,which can satisfy the R&D and production of seven types and more than 70 products of USA XNUO Medical in China. It will give full play to the advantages of USA XNUO Medical in technology and research and development to provide consumers with better and more practical health products.


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